What teachers are saying:

Jane M 

'You're amazing and I love your programs so much… our world would be a lesser place without it. It brings so much joy watching it unfold. Such a privilege to teach it.'

Sandy L 

'No student should be without Play a Story! This program is universally appealing. Play a Story has been a definite aid in helping adults to relax about their playing. All of my students have blossomed in both composition and improvisation. The program really solidifies the idea for students that music is not on a sheet of paper, but rather inside each one of us.

Cheryl P 

Play a Story makes teaching improvisation less intimidating for the teacher and more enjoyable for the student.'

 Hue Chen T  

'I have students who were on the shy side. Through this program they have opened themselves up and started to enjoy it.'

 Julia B 

'This is just such a simple easy concept to teach and for students to grasp, it makes improvising very easy and takes all the intimidation out of it. It is a very rewarding program to teach.

This is the part that amazes me - it is so easily accessible… to every age or proficiency. The simpler motifs make it easy for beginning students to jump right in, and yet they still provide a creative challenge for more advanced players. I'm seeing a huge increase in expressive playing.

I have quite a few boys that are driven to play everything hard and fast. This has enabled them to break away from that habit and explore creative expression - mood, atmosphere, variations in tempo, dynamic etc.

It's a very freeing experience. Homes are being filled with music, and singing and creativity!'

 Brigitte L

'I love the concept of Play a Story. The motifs gives me the structure that I was looking for in an improvisation program, the movies are attractive to adults and older children and the movie selection is well adapted to each motif. I could sit for hours, playing along with the movies! Lyndel, you did it again! Another great success story!'

 Rochelle G

'Very valuable for me since I do not have a background of improvising myself!'

 Annette S

'We need, as teachers, to understand the importance of having our students improvise and create their own music. This personal creativity is what brings playing piano into the true artistic expression that it is. Giving my students the encouragement to create their own music is the most important thing I do, in my opinion. Instead of teaching performance, I want to help people express themselves as artists.

Play a Story has given me the perfect avenue to do just that! Play a Story is so unique! It brings real art, music, and beauty to a child's world.'

 Maureen K

'Improvisation has never been my comfort zone. Play a Story has opened up a new world for me. The more I teach it, the more I love it.'

 Francis B

'Lyndel Kennedy, you have taken us on a whole new journey to unseen magical places BEYOND our imagination! What beauty will come to young and old alike because of this creation you have shared with us! In this light, we will see that we all are truly musical creators! Just magnificent!'

 Dale M

'Lyndel's "Play a Story" is simply transformative in its approach to the releasing of music within.


•  the "Mum"
•  the Artist…visual, audio, heart
•  the Educator
•  the Audio/Video/Computer genius
•  the Worker…amazing amounts of labor involved in developing these products
•  the Friend

Meeting, hearing, knowing Lyndel gives deeper insights to the use of her profound work.'

 Shelly W

'Recently a new student mother told me that she is a TV documentarian. Her next project is helping create a production of Sesame Street for the children of Haiti - so she knows the world of children's media well. I immediately sensed that she would understand the power of Play a Story, and the journey we were about to dive into.'

As I began telling her the genesis of Play a Story, very unexpectedly, I couldn't speak… the tears just began to flow… the quality of this mother's listening was so deep, I felt very touched. She was captivated by the story. When I started crying, she began crying too, and I just continued the story through tears. We laughed at the tears, and relished them at the same time.

She spoke through tears as a selection of sad music played. She laughed during the silly music. She kept saying, "This is brilliant. This is brilliant." She really understood the power of the relationship between story and music. Choosing music for her documentaries is a tremendous responsibility because of its impact on the audience - it is the vehicle through which her intention is communicated.

When I showed her the Student Home Materials, she was SO impressed, and said that too often products for children are an "assault" on their senses. The cover of the Zephyr Wind book, and the movie demo I showed her, emanated so much natural beauty, all this mom could do was shake her head and sigh, saying it was exactly what she wanted for her children.

Looking at the Play a Story books, I ask my students, "What do you see?" I am amazed by how many details they find when we actually take a moment to stop, breathe, look, stare and experience. This mother's insightful comment caused me to realize something I deeply value in Play a Story: It is a natural oasis in the world of mainstream media. It helps us tap into the most natural part of ourselves that is hard to hear when the sense world around us is so noisy. It uncovers a pathway to something deeper and more quiet within ourselves, perhaps the silent space where creativity is born.

It was quite powerful to have a conversation with someone who really "got" the content of Play a Story from a different professional angle. It deepened my belief in the program, and inspired me all over again. After enrolling her children, and on her way out the door, she turned to me and said, “Thank you for giving people this invaluable gift of musical self expression."

Lyndel, I once read that even the smallest act of kindness can change a life, and we may never know we've done that for someone. Imagine the children and parents you have reached, from whom you may never hear... yet the energetic ripple of their gratitude embraces you. May every thanks you get, and every expression of gratitude you receive, provide you with a deep, fulfilling sense of knowing that everything you have done has been worthwhile. You have changed lives, and your work will continue to change lives long after we are on the planet.'


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