Teacher's name withheld to protect student privacy

'I have an 8 year old boy who has been my student for 3 years. He is one of 7 boys, all adopted out of the foster care system and all 8 years old or younger. He was exposed to drugs in utero. When I first met them his mom told me that he had "developmental issues" but hadn't been diagnosed. Its been slow going, but he loves playing and singing and he is very musical.

He has had speech issues all along. When he first started he spoke almost not at all, and when he did I had trouble understanding him.

So.... when Play a Story first came out, I started him in it. Imagine my surprise (the next week) when he came back to play his pentatonic window for me, and not only was it a beautiful, flowing, musical improvisation........HE RECITED THE WHOLE FIRST PAGE OF THE FIRST STORY PERFECTLY while he was playing!!!

I'm so grateful to Lyndel for creating these programs which give a child like '...' the opportunity to be able to play the piano and express himself. I'm sure he'd never be able to learn the "regular" way.'

 Teacher's name withheld to protect student privacy 

'The beauty of Play a Story is that you can use it with anyone - from a total beginner to an advanced student. It's wonderful how the scenes can speak to any age. It's just a gold mine.

I have to tell you a little bit about the most wonderful Play a Window class. They just started last week. In the class are 3 students with Down syndrome (age 8, 15, and 25) and one lil guy with autism who is 9 and very talkative. The youngest also has hand deformities - missing some fingers and such. We talked about all those wonderful fingers he had to work with!

This is the most loving little group of superstars. Hugs for the teacher, hugs among students, "I love you's", and total excitement and enthusiasm. Today the 9-year-old said, "Coming to piano class is the biggest dream of my whole entire life!" They all love doing the hand motions with the music, but he just wants to get those hands on the piano. They came in today talking about how the music made them feel before I even got the chance to ask them.

This is probably the biggest dream I've had - my heart is with these precious souls. When I attended Lyndel's training in Kansas City last year, I couldn't stop thinking about how wonderful this program would be for the special needs community. Thank you Lyndel for creating something so beautiful and accessible.

My heart is bursting, and I just wanted to share!!'

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