What Parents and Students are saying:

Damir (Music Producer and parent of Play a Story student) 

'I LOVE the program you’ve come up with, on so many levels. I really think it’s brilliant. I grew up (like most kids) learning about music in terms of ‘right and wrong’ notes, correct or incorrect performance, etc. There is none of that in your program - just the freedom to express oneself and one’s ideas, a set of ‘words’ one can start using to form musical sentences. Thank you for that!'

Jenny (parent of Play a Story student)

'Riley’s really enjoying the fact that he's playing music that sounds really musical without learning notes one at a time and scales and things that I remember learning. He can't wait to get home and show his brother and his dad what he's learnt. He ducks off all the time to have a little practice and play on his own. It really enhances Riley’s self-confidence in playing the piano and showing other people what he's learning. He's really enthusiastic about it!'

Malinda (parent of Play a Story student) 

'I'd definitely encourage other parents to enrol their children in Play a Story. It's heaps of fun. It's easy for parents to help their child learn...  it's a great journey to go on with the children.'

Geraldine (mature aged student)

'What I’ve learnt in (conventional) lessons has been greatly enlarged and enhanced by a Play a Story. Previously I would get to a certain level and feel I couldn't go much further. The Play a Story program helped me to break through that barrier. It gave me the freedom to listen to the music, see the story and then interpret it whichever way I felt. It broke down all the barriers. It unlocked the doors.'


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