What parents are saying:

  • A unique opportunity for 'young' learning
  • Overcoming fear and judgement
  • Instilling a deep love for music
  • Happy environment at home
  • Freedom to know 'I am musical'
  • Passing on their learning to others
  • Learning new skills without feeling like they are 'learning'
  • Spending good-quality time together
  • Growing and flourishing in their confidence
  • Learning to express and process emotions
  • Choosing to play without coercion
  • Work through their emotions on the piano
  • Playful interaction with others
  • Express emotions without needing complex words or concepts
  • Playing music that sounds really musical
  • Build connections from their heart into the music
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Giving them the priceless love and joy of music
  • Reminds them that they can do new things

Parent Testimonials Parent Testimonials
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