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Fall in Love with Spaghetti

How do you play 'love' on the piano?

So there we were in Italy, one of our Play a Story themes from Travel Notes.

We had learnt the Italian ’spaghetti’ motif and the kids were having so much fun putting the motif into different ‘sauces' - C F and G positions.

Part of the story takes us into romantic chocolates and roses and we didn't know how to play it. Searching for a way to create a romantic sound with a spaghetti motif, I asked them if they knew someone in love... mum, dad, relative, friend? How would they describe love? There were lots of descriptions like huggie and kissie, and happy, a few wrinkled noses... but mostly hugs and kisses.

How do you play that on the piano?

In a flash of inspiration we started to play the same spaghetti motif but we changed its essence, placing it into Am and Dm positions that they know so well from previous stories. When we played the minor positions in ‘Heart Song’ they sounded lonely and sad, but when we played the spaghetti motif in minor positions they sounded like ...well love... amore. We were playing beautiful hugs and kisses! It was huge fun.

Give it a go. Play your world on the piano and fall in love with your inner musician.

Do you think it’s ok for young children to explore emotions that they may not yet have experienced? What about fear, sadness or even loneliness? If you had to create a motif for ‘Amore’ what would it be?
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Lyndel Kennedy

Lyndel Kennedy lives in Perth Australia, with her husband and their four children. She believes in a world where everyone is created to be musical.

Her programs have emerged from her rich music and visual arts career including graphic design, videography, photography, story telling and over 30 years of piano teaching. Her musical journey began as a young child, and included opportunities to play at national level competitions, through to directing school musicals and choirs, attending Composition Master Classes with conductor and screen composer Brian May, and conducting international teacher workshops.

Lyndel is passionate about encouraging students and teachers wherever they are on the journey, to express their own musical identity.

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