What materials are included with teacher membership?

Teacher memberships include access to all Student Home Materials (SHM's)* for each journey plus:

- Improv Workshop teacher materials

- Comprehensive teacher training notes

- Live student lesson videos

- Lesson plans

- Student completion certificates

- Student enrolment forms



- Marketing "design suite" including business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, typefaces and logos

- Student Introductory Session including a Powerpoint and Keynote presentation, presentation notes and enrolment forms

- Support forum

- Private Facebook group

* Note that the SHM is for teacher reference only. It is a requirement of your teacher license that every student or family who participates in the program MUST aquire their own SHM.

What is the cost of Teacher Membership?

They pay $180 upfront per year. There are no other costs to teachers. You can sign-up here.

How long does it take to train as a Innermusician Teacher?

Our online training materials are carefully designed to enable you to familiarise yourself with the program in your own time. How long the process takes is largely up to the teacher. It depends on how much time you can give and the playing experience you bring with you. If you are comfortable in the arena of expressive improvisation you will not find the training very challenging. After all it is designed for a wide spectrum of players including absolute beginners. If this is not a familiar playing field, you are in for a treat. Take your time and make this feel like home. The more comfortable you are, the better you will teach. Some teachers process the first journey completely before they teach it. Then they learn the next journey while teaching the first. If this is new to you, maybe it’s wise to process the entire three journeys before you begin teaching so you know where you are heading. This will give you plenty of time to build your confidence. You will develop your own pace as you go. Be aware that the first journey has the sharpest learning curve (both for teachers and students). Each level after that gets more familiar as the concept remains the same throughout.

Can I view a sample of the program?

You can register for a free Trial Membership here or through the Teachers menu on our home page.

How does the program work?

Our program is called Play a Story. You can experience our program in two different ways: interacting with the Story book and interacting with the Movie. Both are used a little differently.

Interact with the Story Book Interact with the Movie
Any age group, though primarily 4 -7 years Any age group
For absolute beginners Beginners to advanced
Based on narrated story books Based on movie clips
Improvise at the piano using online cinemagraphic books streamed to your digital device or using optional printed picture books Improvise at the piano using online movie clips streamed to your digital device.
Primarily used as a standalone program Primarily used alongside other curriculum
Three journey program Three journey program
Program length 12 -18 months Program length varies according to individual lesson planning
Five week Improv Program available Five week Improv Program available
Taught in either private or group lessons Taught in either private or group lessons

How long does the program take students to complete?

In general if taught as a standalone program it takes about 12-18 months to complete though this will vary according to individual circumstances.  The lesson plans include extended lesson suggestions for students that need to travel a little slower. If taught alongside existing materials the program length varies according to individual lesson planning.

How long do lessons run for?

As with most teaching, lesson length will depend on the age group and whether the lesson is private or group. If used as a stand-alone weekly program for young children teachers generally limit the length to around 30 minutes do to shorter concentration spans. However there is no hard and fast rule for this as teachers use their own experience and expertise to decide on the length of class. If running alongside existing curriculum teachers take as much time in a lesson as they need.

Can I teach this privately or in groups?

The program is taught very effectively both in groups and privately. If you have never taught in groups before, this is a great opportunity to jump in!  Our live lesson demonstrations follows the progress of a group class, lesson by lesson.

When do students start using the Student Home Materials (SHM's)?

From the very first lesson.


What is included in the SHM's?

Story Book SHM’s

Story SHM's include cinemagraphic story books, basic improv demonstrations and step by step tutorial videos showing how you can improvise along to the story. There is also an optional printed book for each journey as well as printable materials including play lists, motif summaries, key theoretical concepts and more.

Story Journey Scenes Cinemagraphic story book videos Lesson Review Videos Downloadable audio tracks
Song of the Zephyr-Wind 8 46 74 28
Ocean Lullaby 7 42 57 28
Travel Notes 9 46 55 36

Movie SHM's

Movie SHM's include motif demonstrations, basic and advanced improv demonstrations and movies to improvise along to. There are also printable materials including motif summaries and more.

Movie Journey Scenes Motif Demonstration videos Improvisation demonstration videos Original play-along movies
Song of the Zephyr-Wind 8 14 22 16
Ocean Lullaby 7 11 17 14
Travel Notes 9 10 16 18

How many stories are there in the program?

We refer to our "stories" as "journeys". Each journey offers a different theme. There are three journeys ; Song of the Zephyr-Wind (forest theme), Ocean Lullaby (ocean theme) and Travel Notes (international theme). An overview of each journey can be accessed on our website at 'Our Programs'. Song of the Zephyr Wind has 8 scenes which translate to into 20 lessons if following the Lesson Plans (not including the extension suggestions). Ocean Lullaby has 7 scenes which translate into 15 lessons (not including the extension suggestions). Travel Notes has 9 scenes which translates into 17 lessons (not including the extension suggestions).

What do the Student Home Materials (SHM) cost?

Each Journey  purchased includes both the Story Book and Movie SHM's

Play a Story
  Online version Online version plus printed book Access Period
Single-Journey Pack $25 $35 (plus postage) Lifetime*
Multi-Journey Pack $60 $90 (plus postage) Lifetime*
Improv Workshop
  Online version   Access Period
Multi-Journey sampler $10 Refundable against full Multi-Journey Pack Two months

*Lifetime Access refers to the life of the program on the current platform

What is the advantage of ordering a multi-journey pack over a single journey pack?

The obvious benefit of purchasing the multi-journey pack is the great saving compared to purchasing single journeys. However, there is a bigger picture. Teachers who understand the value of the full program are more likely to engage parents who share our vision; creating a mind-set that music is for life. This creates parents who are also committed to the full program, becoming strong coaches at home, able to more effectively inspire, encourage and partner in their child’s journey. Teaching the full program gives students the best chance to really discover their own musicianship. Studio benefits are increased student retention rates, stronger parent/coach relationships and more motivated students.

How does student SHM online access work?

All student materials other than the optional printed books in Play a Story are delivered online, requiring an internet connection. When students are registered by their teacher, both the student and teacher are automatically emailed login details. Sweet and simple!

If students don't have access to a teacher,or according to their teachers perference,  they may purchase the SHM's directly from the Students menu on our home page.

How long does a student have acess to online SHM's?

Single journey and multi-journey SHM's come with lifetime* access to online materials.*Lifetime Access refers to the life of the program on the current platform

The Improv Workshop comes with 2 month online access

Where do the materials ship from?

USA and Canadian materials are shipped from California.  Materials for all countries outside of the USA and Canada ship from Western Australia. 

What is the Improv Workshop?

The Improv Workshop is a great way to introduce families to the program. At only $10 per Student Home Materials (SHM) the workshop provides an affordable taste of the PAS program. It’s a fun way to introduce your studio and build student numbers fast. Graduates of the Improv Workshop are offered a full credit of their workshop SHM costs toward the purchase of a multi-journey SHM pack. Teachers use the Improv Workshop as a promotional tool at shopping centers, exhibitions, libraries and learning centers. Why not use it in your next Music Camp... a really great way to earn an income over the holiday period if you break for classes!

How many Journeys are covered in the Improv Workshop?

Students are given a taste of all three journeys. Two scenes are sampled from Song of the Zephyr Wind, one scene from Ocean Lullaby and one scene from Travel Notes. These all include both Story Book and Movie interactions. Most teachers offer a 5-week workshop, using the last session to showcase the student's work as an informal jam, or recital. They also use this last session to promote ongoing lessons by demonstrating their favourite scenes from across the series.

How can I save further on teacher or student costs?

We keep costs to our teachers and students very low (especially our online only programs) and have packed enormous value into every teacher and student experience.

- Existing Innermusician teachers are eligible to get a 20% discount on their annual membership renewal if they refer a prospective teacher to Innermusician who takes out a membership. This is limited to one coupon per subscription year and is not transferable.

- Our multi-Journey SHM packs offer significant savings.

- Our $10 discount coupon special is available for every Improv Workshop student who upgrades to a Multi-journey SHM Pack.