Song of the Zephyr-Wind

Zephyr Wind

In this theme we experience the world as heard through the Zephyr-Wind in the forest. Sometimes it is quiet and gentle like a Morning Song. Other times it feels cautiously playful in the Song of Joy. We hear its somber mood as it skims the surface of the wetlands in Heart Song. In contrast, it exudes power and authority in Stormy Symphony, and then reveals it’s lighter side in the Pollen Dance. In the evening Lullaby we are swayed to sleep by its etherial melodies, and are left wondering what a new day might hold. 

Key theoretical concepts include pentatonic and chromatic scale, chords and extensions, tonic tension, rhythmic style and more.

Ocean Lullaby

Here we explore the sounds of the ocean as imagined by the musical memories captured inside a seashell. Holding the shell to our ear, we are caressed by the silky Seagrass Pastures, and enticed by the suspended beauty of the Coral Garden. It brings a chill to our bones from the almost silent Ice Caves, and then warms us with the bluesy feeling of hot sand through our toes on Sandy Beach. The shell has also captured the eerie mysteries of the Deep Blue, finally landing us ashore on a slinky blues Wave Curl.

Key theoretical concepts continue to build with dynamics, blues scales and bass riffs, whole-tone scale, and more.

Travel Notes

Find yourself uniquely transported into countries and cultures all over the world. Connect with the earth, rain and fire of outback Australia, the serene gardens of Japan and the delicious love of life in Italy. Come with us to Ireland where the mist will embrace you and the wind will tease you. In Hawaii the music is chilled and laid back as the sun dips slowly into the ocean. Egypt will present us with the music of the desert waves, and in Africa we get to play along with some local dance moves. Finally we arrive in the USA, messin’ with the red, white and blues!

Key theoretical concepts continue to build with accompaniment playing styles, more blues styles, tonal quality (major/minor), syncopated rhythms and more.


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