Lyndel Kennedy

Founder of InnerMusican

Creator of Play a Story

I live in beautiful Perth, Western Australia, together with my husband and our four children.

We live in a world in which we are all created to be musical. I believe music is inspired from our deepest being. It's both expressive and transformative.

My musical journey began as a young child and has included the opportunity to play in national level competitions, through to directing school musicals and choirs and conducting international teacher workshops. I've also had the honour of teaching hundreds of students of all ages and experience levels, fostering them into a lifelong relationship with music.

I had the honour of attending Composition Master Classes with conductor and screen composer Brian May, where I was introduced to orchestrating from the piano.

Let me tell you about Play a Story Let me tell you about Play a Story

Alongside this lifelong passion for music, grew an early professional career in visual arts and advertising, developing my interests in graphic design, videography, photography and story telling.

InnerMusician and the Play a Story program emerged from this rich music and visual arts background.

I've crafted Play a Story as a multi-sensory experience, to help you discover and express your own musical identity.


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