InnerMusican's unique approach to piano improvisation together with the infectious enthusiam of Play a Story creator Lyndel Kennedy generates regular interest in the media.

Recent showcases of Lyndel and the Play a Story program are listed below.


Sept 5, 2017 Teach Improvisation With InnerMusician – Review Link
Aug 18, 2017 100th Episode Special: Our Favourite Conversations from the Last 2 Years (Part 1) (excerpt from Nov 6, 2016 Pocast) Link
Jun 11, 2017  Top 7 Most Powerful Creative Teaching Episodes (excerpt from Nov 6, 2016 Pocast) Link
Jun 7, 2017  Anyone can teach improvisation: How do I start? An interview with Lyndel Kennedy  Link
 Dec 2016  Improvisation by Lyndel Kennedy Piano Bench Magazine
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 Nov 6, 2016  Composing, Imagination and Creativity in Young Children with Lyndel Kennedy  Link



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