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InnerMusician is a vibrant, and rewarding improvisational program that provides a unique opportunity for you to share the joy of creating music with students. While formal qualifications and playing proficiency are valuable, every journey is a personal musical discovery. As a teacher you are invited to explore your own individual ability to naturally speak this language - and because of how its presented, you won’t experience the fear factor that the word ‘improvisation’ so often evokes!

With our guidance, support and comprehensive training, we will take you on your own improvisational journey, helping you to unveil your unique musical identity and in turn equip you to do the same for your students.

'Improvisation has never been my comfort zone. Play a Story has opened up a new world for me. The more I teach it, the more I love it.' Maureen K (Play a Story Teacher)

Simplicity and structure

InnerMusician has a simplicity that appeals to teachers who love to explore ‘outside the box’. It also has a structure that appeals to teachers who love to build on each learning experience, layer by layer. Regardless of your background, whether it is traditional, or early childhood music and movement, this program will challenge, excite, and motivate you to take yourself and your students to a new level of musical self-expression.

Our online program has been specifically designed to enable students and teachers to access all materials relevant to each lesson with a few easy clicks.  The interface is graphically driven to make it intuitive and encourage experimentation.  No long lists or convoluted menus!

Play a Story makes teaching improvisation less intimidating for the teacher and more enjoyable for the student.' Cheryl P (Play a Story Teacher)

Training and Studio Resources

Our Teacher Training Program is a carefully designed distance-based training model, allowing you to do your training in the comfort of your home. The materials provide a clear teaching pathway and present unique strategies for addressing the typical concerns and challenges that students encounter along the way.

Key training and studio resources materials available to all InnerMusician teachers include:

  • step-by-step training guide
  • classrooom videos - over 200 live classroom videos of Lyndel teaching Play a Story motifs and concepts to students
  • full step-by-step lesson plans for each scene in each Student Journey
  • printable Teacher Notes, running through the Play Story philosphy, how to prepare your studio, typical lesson routines and key conversations to have with your students and their home coaches.
  • marketing materials including studio introductory presentations (Keynote and PowerPoint), promotional flyers, brochures and graphics for online ads.
  • regular webinars, including live Q&A of topics of interest to Play a Story teachers
  • private InnerMusican Teachers Facebook Group to ask questions and share ideas and inspiration.
  • dashboard to help manage student enrolments (optional)
  • registration on Find a Teacher module for prospective students

Lyndel is also happy to take one-on-one skype calls with teachers upon request.

At only $180/per annum (about 1 cup of coffee per week) for a teacher licence and $25 for single level/$60 for three level lifetime access to student materials, its never been easier to introduce the world of improvisation to your students!

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