Innermusician: empowering self-expression through music.

At Innermusician, we believe that music is an integral part of being human. It is music that can take us into the depths and heights of our emotions, and in turn empowers us to share ourselves using a language that is both profound and universal. To improvise musically is to communicate who we are, in the moment. 

Innermusician has created piano improvisational programs that celebrate individual expression, through the language of music. We  invite you to explore your own ability to naturally speak this language - and because of how it is presented, you won't experience the fear factor that the word 'improvisation' so often evokes!

In every lesson, music improvisation is taught in a way that is creative, effective and immediately achievable. We do this using music motifs, or themes, that capture the musical imagination. Couple the motif with a scene from a story or a movie, and you have all the inspiration you need to create music that portrays the breadth of human emotions.

Enjoy playing expressively and freely across the entire keyboard from the moment you begin, whether or not you already play, from the age of 4 through to adults.

Innermusician counts it a privilege to be part of your musical journey.

Our dream for our students:

That they would discover musicianship as a natural self-expression.
That they would understand key musical concepts as experienced through playing the piano.
That they would enjoy the genuine satisfaction of musical ownership.
That they would encounter a highly positive, safe, self-affirming environment throughout the learning process.

Our dream for our teachers:

That they would pass on to students what they have first experienced for themselves.
That they would enjoy growing a studio that is vibrant, creative and rewarding.
That they would feel supported within a body of like-minded musicians.


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