What is improvisation?

Improvisation is a shared human activity; we do it everyday in normal conversation and thought. We improvise - we make it up as we go along. In fact human beings are innately proficient in this activity. Right from the moment we are born, we improvise sounds and gestures to convincingly tell our story, spontaneously... no script needed!

We invite people to participate in the adventure that is music.

Our multimedia programs help you discover your ‘inner musician’, empowering you to play the piano freely and in the moment.

We have a vision - not to make musicians - but to reveal the musician that is already there inside each of us, even for those who haven’t had the chance to get acquainted yet!

And it’s worth getting acquainted. Science shows that having music in our lives, especially playing and improvising, increases brain development. Growing evidence also suggests that it improves social, emotional and even physical health! That’s a good friend to have.

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