InnerMusician enables you to express yourself through creative music improvisation

We believe that music is a key part of who you are.

Music can inspire you to do amazing things.

It can relax you when you're stressed and motivate you when you're worn out.

It can be your private whisper or your shout out to the world. It can be your poetry.

It helps you understand yourself and express this to your friends. To improvise musically is to communicate who you are and what you're feeling, in the moment.

Learning with InnerMusician you'll:

  • be amazed to discover just how musical you are.
  • get a total buzz from creating your own music.
  • learn key musical concepts that will be the foundation for a lifetime of playing.
  • feel alive with a truly positive and self-affirming experience.

Teaching with InnerMusician you'll:

  • be inspired to pass-on your passion for creative music to your students.
  • be equiped to confidently teach improvisation to students of all ages 
  • grow a studio that's innovative and "blow-their-socks-off" inspiring.
  • have the genuine support of  like-minded InnerMusicians.
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