InnerMusician enables you to express yourself through creative music improvisation

We believe that music is a key part of who you are.

Music can inspire you to do amazing things.

It can relax you when you're stressed and motivate you when you're worn out.

It can be your private whisper or your shout out to the world. It can be your poetry.

It helps you understand yourself and express this to your friends. To improvise musically is to communicate who you are and what you're feeling, in the moment.

Learning with InnerMusician you'll:

  • be amazed to discover just how musical you are.
  • get a total buzz from creating your own music.
  • learn key musical concepts that will be the foundation for a lifetime of playing.
  • feel alive with a truly positive and self-affirming experience.

Teaching with InnerMusician you'll:

  • be inspired to pass-on your passion for creative music to your students.
  • be equiped to confidently teach improvisation to students of all ages 
  • grow a studio that's innovative and "blow-their-socks-off" inspiring.
  • have the genuine support of  like-minded InnerMusicians.
I'd like to play like this!   I'd like to teach this!



We help you discover your "inner musician", giving you the tools to play freely in the moment

Imagine sitting at your favorite coffee shop chatting with your best friend about your day.

Your words just flow. They reflect your experiences and feelings. They tell your story. You don’t have to practice the conversation. You do it in the moment.

You're naturally great at this. Right from the moment you're born, you improvise sounds and gestures to make sure that you're understood… no script needed!

Just as your words reflect your experiences and feelings, so can music.

At InnerMusician we help you play music with the same ease and feeling as you share your story with your best friend.

Naturally, unrehearsed and in the moment!

I'd like to play like this!


You'll be transported into other worlds as you play along to our movies, stories and soundtracks

 Do you ever feel that you are just going through the motions when you play? Correct notes, fingering, rhythm… but where’s the music? Where’s the part that moves you, elevates you, transcends you? Enter, InnerMusician.

Not only will you be playing your own music with feeling, it'll be fun and immediately achievable.

Sound impossible? We've opened doors to this kind of self-expression for people all over the world. And we want to give you the key too.

You may not realise but all musicians use musical ideas to create a mood. These musical ideas are called motifs. We've captured these motifs and infused them into every scene of our stories and movies for you to explore. As you begin to use them in your own playing, every scene will take on your personal interpretation.

In the same way that words become sentences and conversations, motifs become melodies, harmonies and rhythms... songs that tell your unique story.

The great thing is that while you're enjoying this musical story telling, you'll also be learning important concepts such as:

  • major/minor chords with a few basic chord extensions
  • chromatic, whole-tone and pentatonic scale
  • 12 bar blues, blues scale and blues riffs
  • melodic, rhythmic and accompaniment styles
  • sustain pedal familiarity
  • essential dynamic terms.

You'll love our step-by-step, hands-on playing projects.

No matter what age or experience level, you'll be playing freely across the entire keyboard from the moment you begin.

I want to play like this!


Lyndel Kennedy

Founder of InnerMusican

Creator of Play a Story

I live in beautiful Perth, Western Australia, together with my husband and our four children.

We live in a world in which we are all created to be musical. I believe music is inspired from our deepest being. It's both expressive and transformative.

My musical journey began as a young child and has included the opportunity to play in national level competitions, through to directing school musicals and choirs and conducting international teacher workshops. I've also had the honour of teaching hundreds of students of all ages and experience levels, fostering them into a lifelong relationship with music.

I had the honour of attending Composition Master Classes with conductor and screen composer Brian May, where I was introduced to orchestrating from the piano.

Alongside this lifelong passion for music, grew an early professional career in visual arts and advertising, developing my interests in graphic design, videography, photography and story telling.

InnerMusician and the Play a Story program emerged from this rich music and visual arts background.

I've crafted Play a Story as a multi-sensory experience, to help you discover and express your own musical identity.


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