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At Innermusician, we believe that music is an integral part of being human. It is music that can take us into the depths and heights of our emotions, and in turn empowers us to share ourselves using a language that is both profound and universal. To improvise musically is to communicate who we are, in the moment. 

Innermusician has created piano improvisational programs that celebrate individual expression, through the language of music. We  invite you to explore your own ability to naturally speak this language - and because of how it is presented, you won't experience the fear factor that the word 'improvisation' so often evokes!

In every lesson, music improvisation is taught in a way that is creative, effective and immediately achievable. We do this using music motifs, or themes, that capture the musical imagination. Couple the motif with a scene from a story or a movie, and you have all the inspiration you need to create music that portrays the breadth of human emotions.

Enjoy playing expressively and freely across the entire keyboard from the moment you begin, whether or not you already play, from the age of 4 through to adults.

Innermusician counts it a privilege to be part of your musical journey.

Our dream for our students:

That they would discover musicianship as a natural self-expression.
That they would understand key musical concepts as experienced through playing the piano.
That they would enjoy the genuine satisfaction of musical ownership.
That they would encounter a highly positive, safe, self-affirming environment throughout the learning process.

Our dream for our teachers:

That they would pass on to students what they have first experienced for themselves.
That they would enjoy growing a studio that is vibrant, creative and rewarding.
That they would feel supported within a body of like-minded musicians.


What is improvisation?

Improvisation is a shared human activity; we do it everyday in normal conversation and thought. We improvise - we make it up as we go along. In fact human beings are innately proficient in this activity. Right from the moment we are born, we improvise sounds and gestures to convincingly tell our story, spontaneously... no script needed!

We invite people to participate in the adventure that is music.

Our multimedia programs help you discover your ‘inner musician’, empowering you to play the piano freely and in the moment.

We have a vision - not to make musicians - but to reveal the musician that is already there inside each of us, even for those who haven’t had the chance to get acquainted yet!

And it’s worth getting acquainted. Science shows that having music in our lives, especially playing and improvising, increases brain development. Growing evidence also suggests that it improves social, emotional and even physical health! That’s a good friend to have.

How musical are you?

How often has a person been labelled ‘musical’ or ‘not musical’ according to his or her ability to learn to play a piece of music accurately. Our programs are shifting the goal posts. We are helping people discover their own musicality from the inside out. All musicians can begin the journey towards identifying their own musical personality through improvisation.

First the inspiration, then the vocabulary.

First we depict a scene from a story or movie. Inspiring our creative side, each scene is accompanied by a fully scored musical soundtrack, infusing a specific mood and setting the emotional context for playing. This is the foundation of every project, enabling us to connect to the interpretive centres of our brains, establishing pathways toward a truly creative musical experience.

Next we provide a simple motif, sometimes called a leitmotif; a short musical idea... melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, or all three. The motif is crafted to capture the quintessential musical expression in the scene - think Sergei Prokofiev's brilliant "Peter and the Wolf". Here, each charactor has been brought to life through their own musical motif.

Our simple motifs form the vocabulary used to express thoughts and stories through music. This vocabulary consists of key musical concepts, building the foundation for all music. We provide a playing understanding of concepts such as major/minor chords with a few basic chord extensions, chromatic, whole-tone and pentatonic scale, 12 bar blues, blues scale and blues riffs, melodic, rhythmic and accompaniment styles, sustain pedal familiarity, as well as, of course, an experience-based understanding of essential dynamic terms.

A voice to speak your own language

From here, in the same way that words become sentences and conversations, the motif is interpreted, developed, combined and explored across the piano... retelling the story in music. This type of ground-up, organic improvisation produces music that is rich, layered, honest, complex, and fluent. In many ways it is just like giving you a voice to speak your own language.

And what we love is that these are hands-on playing projects. They are taught systematically, step by step, and then released to your own imagination.

Let us help you find your musical voice. Develop a personal relationship with music that will last a lifetime.

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Meet the Founder, Lyndel Kennedy

Lyndel Kennedy lives in Perth Australia, with her husband and their four children. She believes in a world where everyone is created to be musical.

Her programs have emerged from her rich music and visual arts career including graphic design, videography, photography, story telling and over 30 years of piano teaching. Her musical journey began as a young child, and included opportunities to play at national level competitions, through to directing school musicals and choirs, attending Composition Master Classes with conductor and screen composer Brian May, and conducting international teacher workshops.

Lyndel is passionate about encouraging students and teachers wherever they are on the journey, to express their own musical identity.

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