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Play a Story

Ever wondered what it would be like to play the piano spontaneously?

Play creatively. Improvisation is one of the things that traditional piano lessons so often miss out on.

With InnerMusician's Play a Story program you can easily learn piano improv online - with movies, stories and sound effects.

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Personal creativity is what brings piano playing into its true artistic expression. Giving my students the encouragement to create their own music is the most important thing I do...

Annette S 



Play a Story

It's easier than you think!

InnerMusician will help you connect to the music inside you, without all the hard yards.

Combine our expertise in teaching melodies, harmonies and rhythms with your imagination.

You’ll be playing your own music right from the start!

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Play a Story makes teaching improvisation less intimidating for the teacher and more enjoyable for the student.

Cheryl P

Play a Story

Discover your InnerMusician 

It’s true Self Expression - the ability to effectively and spontaneously turn your ideas into music.

No piano program out there has taught how to truly discover your inner musician... until now... until Play a Story

How it works

All of my students have blossomed in both composition and improvisation. The programs really solidify the idea for students that music is not on a sheet of paper, but rather inside each one of us.

Sandy L

Play a Story

Play like an artist

Don’t just play notes on a page. Play the song in your heart.

Our hands-on projects are taught systematically, step by step, and then released to your own imagination. 

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"Improvisation has never been my comfort zone, and Play a Story has opened up a new world for me. The more I teach it, the more I love it."

Francis B

Start Improvising Now!

It's fun, easy and rewarding.

Designed for teachers, students and parents, Play a Story will help you to explore the world of improvisation.

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